Kahr PM9

By: Bradley Kahr arms may have started off as a small operation and still be dwarfed by the likes of Glock, Smith & Wesson and Sig but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore their fine selection of handguns. The Kahr PM9 is a high-quality, extremely accurate, and easily concealable pistol. When it was developed […]

Kahr P9: Designed For Personal Protection

Posted By: GUY J. SAGI Justin Moon was hooked once his older brother took him target shooting for the first time. The 14-year-old was eager to master the skills, learn more about firearms and by age 18, he already had his New York State concealed-carry permit. The pistols available at the time for everyday carry […]

Shooting Illustrated | Handgun Permit Requests Overwhelming NC Officials

The number of firearms sold so far in 2020 has likely already surpassed the total purchased in all of 2019, and with handguns outpacing long guns by a nearly two-to-one margin officials in states that require a permit to purchase a revolver or pistol are inundated by applications. North Carolina is among those states and […]

Guns America Digest | KAHR K9’s Silver Jubilee

  Celebrating milestones is one of society’s most practiced traditions. We have birthdays and anniversaries for nearly every possible thing or event imaginable. In part, it is a way to admire and recognize the achievement of longevity in a world made of fleeting things. Whether it be celebrating the duration of our grandparent’s marriage or […]

USA Carry | Kahr 25th Anniversary K9 Limited Edition Review

By Ben FindleyOctober 2, 2019 Kahr Firearms recently announced their release and production of only 500 25th Anniversary K9 pistols. This is to commemorate the success of their K9 stainless steel pistol, first released in 1994. Each new pistol will be engraved with its number in the limited series, and I was fortunate to receive for […]

Shooting and Concentration – Where Is the Connection?

Concentration refers to the ability to fully focus on a specific thing. It is the aspect that helps you do your job properly, and something that you shouldn’t lack if you want to get stuff done. When it comes to shooting, concentration is just as important as it is for anything else. Shooting with a […]

Ammoland | Kahr S9 EDC Pistol w/ Accessory Rail and Arachnigrip – Review

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Last year Kahr Firearms unveiled a new pistol called the S9. This was a much-needed upgrade to their already outstanding line of concealed carry handguns. They took the best features of their C9 and P9 series and added front cocking serrations as well as a Picatinny rail. Kahr sent me a sample to test and […]