TheFireArmGuy | FIRST LOOK: Kahr PM9 “Covert”

Kahr Arms produces some of the smallest and lightest handguns in the industry. They are very well built with high-end components that endures incredible longevity. Last year, I reviewed an eight year old Kahr PM9 that had over 40 thousand rounds through it. The owner changed out a couple springs throughout the years and that […]


Posted 06/10/19 7:00 AM | by Dan Abraham The Kahr PM9 brings a concealable 9mm design to the single stacks market. (Photo: Dan Abraham) One of Kahr Arms most popular models, the PM9 is among the smallest and lightest single-stack 9mm handguns in today’s market and one of the better choices for deep concealment. The Kahr PM9 is a great […]

Warriors & Sheepdogs | KAHR P9 GOOD FOR LOW LIGHT COMBAT

Author: Lt. Clint Thompson Ret. KAHR 9MM WITH NIGHT SIGHTS (MODEL P9093NA) I have shot and wrote about KAHR firearms for sometime now. Because of their design and engineering, I believe they have one of the best lineups of single stack semi-auto pistols in the World. For home defense, personal protection, backpacking, truck-gun, Harley rider’s […]

American Military News | Op-Ed: Five reasons the Kahr PM9 is excellent

Author: DAN “THEFIREARMGUY” ABRAHAM The Kahr PM9 is a small and lightweight semi-auto polymer-frame pistol that many shooters choose to carry daily. It would be hard to find a handgun of this quality and size in the sub-compact 9mm class. When compared to other single stack 9mm handguns, the Kahr PM9 is by far the easiest […] | Kahr T9 Elite Review: Unique From The Inside Out

Author: Eve Flanigan Date: December 11, 2018   The T9 Elite is a relatively new release from Massachusetts handgun maker Kahr Arms. As the name implies, it’s an upgraded version of their T series handgun, chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W. The 40-caliber firearms in the lineup are called T40; the 9mm chamberings are called […]