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Kahr Shooting Challenge

Shooting the Air Marshal Qualification Course with a Kahr Pistol

All the seven stages must be passed to qualify the challenge.

Kahr Arms will give away a free Kahr P9-2 pistol (Model: KP90S94N) for the first 50 successful video submissions.  To enter, first watch Kahr CEO Justin Moon’s demonstration video, and read the challenge rules.

This is not an instructional video. All participants those who attempt or practice this shooting drill, must adhere to the basic, firearm safety rules. Safety is your responsibility.

All entrants for the challenge must meet these requirements:

Be 21 years of age or older.

Be a US citizen.

An entrant must use an unmodified, Kahr brand pistol, and wear eye and ear protection.

Follow all NRA safe rules for gun handling

An entrant must use FBI-QIT-03 or FBI-QIT-99 targets, with the following shooting distances: 7 yards to the center target, 3 yards for left and right targets from the center.

All parts of the 7 stage course of fire must be videoed, without any editing, and clearly show the targets that the entrant shot. The video can be taken separately for each stage, but it must be the same target.

A shot timer must be used to accurately check the time results, the time result audibly read out, and the timer display shown in the video.

An entrant total score must be over 135, and under 150 in time.

All stages must be passed. 

Air Marshal Qualification Course:

Stage 1

From a concealed holster, face a single target at 7 yards. At the start signal, draw and fire one round, hitting within the scoring zone. Carefully holster and repeat for a total of two single-round strings. The combined time for both strings cannot exceed 3.3 seconds—an average of 1.65 seconds per string.

Stage 2

From a low ready position, face the same single target and, at the start signal, deliver two rounds (as a controlled pair), hitting within the scoring zone. Repeat this once for two pairs, firing a total of four rounds. The combined time for both strings cannot exceed 2.7 seconds–an average of 1.35 seconds per string.

Stage 3

From a low ready position, fire six rounds into the single target scoring zone, in one rapid and continuous string. This is done once, and the par time is 3 seconds for the six rounds fired.

Stage 4

With a fully loaded handgun, face a single target at 7 yards from low ready. Fire one round into the scoring zone, reload, then fire one more round into the scoring zone. Repeat for two strings and four rounds total. The par time for the four rounds is 6.5 seconds—an average of 3.25 seconds per run.

Stage 5

From low ready, fire one round each at two targets spaced 3 yards apart, striking within the scoring zone. Repeat this once for a total of four rounds in two strings. The combined par time for both strings cannot exceed 3.3 seconds—an average of 1.65 seconds per string.

Stage 6

Place three targets, three yards apart. The shooter starts from the holster under a concealment garment, facing up range with their back to the targets. At the start signal, turn, draw and place one round into each target, within the scoring zone. Repeat this for a total of six rounds. The shooter will be required to turn to their right for one string and to their left for the other. The total par time for both strings cannot exceed 7 seconds—an average of 3.5 seconds per string.

Stage 7

Load one round into the chamber, leaving the empty magazine in the gun. From a standing low ready position, fire one round. The slide will lock back. Drop to one knee, reload and fire one more round. Both rounds must be within the scoring zone.  Repeat for two, two-round strings. The total time cannot exceed 8 seconds—a 4-second average per string.

Kahr Shooting Challenge Scoring

A bullet hole sitting on the target scoring zone border line counts as a hit. However, outside of the scoring zone border line is a miss.

Submitting Entries

Click on the URL below to upload your successful Air Marshal Qualification Course video. Kahr staff will evaluate the video and inform you by email whether it was considered proof of successful completion of the challenge.

For more details about the original Air Marshal Qualification Course, click on the URL below.

Any questions regarding the challenge must be submitted via email to

Kahr Shooting Challenge Official Rules