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Kahr Arms, an innovative firearms manufacturer, was founded in 1994 on fifteen years of manufacturing service in precision metalworking industries. Kahr incorporates the inherited professional, technical expertise into all of its operations.

Kahr’s parent company, established in 1981, has been a leading supplier of computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools and applications engineering. In 1986, the company expanded by forming a manufacturing division which provides quality contract machining, manufacturing and assembly services for diverse industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical equipment, scientific instrumentation and telecommunications. This division offers in-house engineering and precision tooling services, as well as, secondary operations that complement the machining and manufacturing capabilities.

Kahr’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Greeley, PA.


With the objective of excellence in workmanship and material, Kahr does not compromise either in the design or manufacture of handguns. The most advanced computer applications and precise manufacturing technologies have been implemented to provide the finest handgun available. Uniquely designed and finely tooled, Kahr pistols unrivaled quality makes long-term Kahr owners out of shooters who try them.


Kahr’s lead designer, Justin Moon, is a principal of the company, an avid shooter, and a gun enthusiast. His revolutionary design is registered through several US patents–innovations making Kahr pistols unique. Completing the Kahr R & D team are highly experienced design and manufacturing engineers, applying years of practical, technical experience in product conception and development.


State-of-the-art CAD/CAM and 3D modeling are employed for the Kahr designing process. Minute details of key elements, such as ergonomics, balance and accuracy, are addressed in the design stages. Component blueprints, electronically processed into CNC programs, are transmitted directly to machine tools on the shop floor.


Utilizing the programming and tooling capabilities of CNC machining centers, Kahr pistols’ main components are precision computer machined to the tightest universal tolerances. Machined parts, cut exactly to the engineering blueprint, assure proper assembly and peak performance of the Kahr pistol.


Each Kahr pistol is backed by an industry leading comprehensive Warranty. We stand by our product. 

You may never need it, but Kahr’s customer service is there for you. If you have a concern or need for service or a part, our customer service associates are friendly and trained technicians are ready to assist you.

T, K & MK Series – Limited Lifetime Warranty

P & PM Series – Limited Lifetime Warranty

S Series – Limited Lifetime Warranty

C Series – One Year Warranty