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Kahr P9: Designed For Personal Protection

Posted By: GUY J. SAGI

Justin Moon was hooked once his older brother took him target shooting for the first time. The 14-year-old was eager to master the skills, learn more about firearms and by age 18, he already had his New York State concealed-carry permit. The pistols available at the time for everyday carry seemed subpar to the young man, though, and he began thinking how the perfect self-defense gun should be. It needed to be almost effortless to carry, in his estimation, safe, yet remain capable of stopping a felonious assault with authority.

Entry into college to pursue a degree in economics—in Harvard, no less—would have been enough to erase those thoughts in most college freshmen, but not Moon. He never abandoned that vision and, in time, was sketching designs for an improved defensive pistol. He’d decided 9 mm Luger was the right cartridge, but to trim the bulk felt a single-stack magazine was best. Along the way, he invented an improved double-action trigger for striker-fired pistols, one that’s now trademarked as the “Safe Cam” by Kahr Arms. Jeff Johnston reported complete details on the mechanism and the company for American Rifleman a few years ago, and it’s well worth a look.

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