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Guns America Digest | KAHR K9’s Silver Jubilee


Celebrating milestones is one of society’s most practiced traditions. We have birthdays and anniversaries for nearly every possible thing or event imaginable. In part, it is a way to admire and recognize the achievement of longevity in a world made of fleeting things. Whether it be celebrating the duration of our grandparent’s marriage or the number of years we graduated high school – we love a parade for things that last.

This is especially true for products that endure in markets that can be fickle and heavily competitive. And if the market for a small concealable 9mm handgun isn’t the poster child of that concept, then I don’t know what is. Twenty-five years ago, Kahr Arms introduced the K9 pistol to the market. Striker fired, yet made of solid stainless steel. Tiny compared to everything else on the market, yet more rugged and reliable than most. And while meant to be carried covertly, it is quite pleasing to the eye.

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