04 February 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
Concealed Carry Magazine, February/March 2010, p. 48 – 51 By Duane A, Daiker The P380 bears a striking family resemblance to Kahr’s other polymer frame pistols. In recent years, the firearms market has been flooded with pocket pistols. Pocket guns are easy to carry and easy to conceal. Whether used as a primary gun or
04 January 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
American Handgunner Tactical, Annual 2010, p. 40 – 46 By SAMMY REESE ROBAR MODIFICATIONS • Cut forward cocking serrations to match factory rear serrations • Deburr/Dehorn pistols complete on all edges • Round face of trigger • Bullnose front of slide • Sight flare on ejection port • Engrave P4 and Robar logo on top
04 January 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
Ultimate deep cover mouse gun perfect for back-up use or pocket carry! Concealed Carry Handguns 2010, p. 46 – 49, 87 By William Bell The P380 is the newest addition to the Kahr line of innovative handguns. With an empty weight of less than 10 oz it is perfect for everyday carry. One handgun maker
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An engineering .380 ACP masterpiece — premium quality pocket-sized defender! Handguns, 2010 Buyers Guide, p. 4 – 9 By Mike Detty / Photos by Steve Woods Kahr’s P380 is so small and lightweight that no one should have an issue concealing or carrying the subcompact. Left: The P380 disassembles easily without any tools. The takedown
04 January 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
KAHR’S POCKET PISTOL PERFORMS WITHOUT COMPROMISE! Pocket Pistols 2010, p. 30 – 33 By Jeremy D. Clough | Photos Steve Woods The Kahr P380 takes all the positive characteristics of its poplar larger Kahr siblings and reduces them to a pint-sized .380 ACP package. In the last 20 years or so, it’s difficult to think
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E KAHR ARMS PM9193 PISTOL COMES WITH A LOADED CHAMBER INDICATOR AND EXTERNAL SAFETY FEATURE. By TACTICAL-LIFE.COM The new Kahr Arms PM9 pistol. The new model, available as the PM9193 and PM9193N, includes a loaded chamber indicator and external safety feature. The new model is designed to provide physical indication if there is a casing loaded in

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