(Greeley, PA) – Kahr Firearms Group, a leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to offer their product collaboration with John “TIG” Tiegen as Limited Edition TIG Series Matched Sets. Earlier this year, John “TIG” Tiegen and Kahr Firearms Group teamed up to offer special edition TIG Series firearms. Now, Kahr Firearms Group
Kahr® Firearms Group: American Ingenuity at Its Finest Company Headquarters: Greeley, Pa. Founded: 1995 Sales: International Website: www.kahr.com Justin Moon, Kahr Arms’ CEO launched Kahr Arms as a student at Harvard University. Justin personally designed Kahr Arms’ all-steel K9 pistol. He was inspired to design the gun after he searched high and low for a
Concealed Carry Handguns By: Zack Carlson June  2018 Click Here for the full article…
American Military News The Kahr ST9 is part of the John Tiegen “Tig” series of firearms, in which a portion of the proceeds go to Beyond The Battlefield which assists soldiers integrate back into American society. JUNE 19, 2018 DAN “THEFIREARMGUY” ABRAHAM   Both the Kahr S9 and ST9 offer additional features without bumping up the