Kahr P9: Designed For Personal Protection

Posted By: GUY J. SAGI Justin Moon was hooked once his older brother took him target shooting for the first time. The 14-year-old was eager to master the skills, learn more about firearms and by age 18, he already had his New York State concealed-carry permit. The pistols available at the time for everyday carry […]

Kahr PM40 Theft Recovery

One of our fans found out just how tough the Kahr PM40 is, when his pistol was stolen and thrown from a vehicle during a high speed pursuit! The result? It is a bit bruised, but his PM40 is still ready to run should the need arise for reliable, accurate self-defense. 12/13/2022 To whom it […]

Kahr Firearms Group introduces the “Last Full Measure Project”.

Providing firearm contributions to American veteran, active duty, law enforcement, and first responder focused non-profit charities. Every day, many Americans put themselves in harm’s way, acting without fear or selfishness, to stand between the innocent and the evil, or in the face of natural disaster.  To these brave individuals, no thought is given of danger, […]

Kahr Firearms Group is the Place to Be at NRA 2022!

An All-Star Lineup Houston, TX: Kahr Firearms Group’s booth is the place to be at NRA 2022! Proud to be back in action at the NRA Annual Meeting, Kahr has an all-star lineup of booth guests throughout the convention. From May 27-29, drop in at booth number 1423 to see these popular celebrity visitors. Several […]

Kahr Firearms Group is All In for SHOT Show 2022!

An All-Star Booth Lineup Greeley, PA: Kahr Firearms Group is proud to be “All In” for SHOT Show 2022! Attendees are invited to stop by booth #13627, where our complete family of products for 2022 will be on display. An all-star lineup of celebrities will also be attending. Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller will be at the […]

Kahr Firearms Groups Lends its Support to the Vital Mission of Big Sky Bravery

Supporting America’s Heroes Greeley, PA: Kahr Firearms Group is proud to support Big Sky Bravery (BSB), an organization founded by veterans, dedicated to providing support for America’s elite warriors. Big Sky Bravery works with the Special Operations Forces community to provide post-deployment programs aimed at decompression and restoration for active duty personnel. BSB is specifically […]

Kahr Firearms Group Hosts the Annual Rod of Iron Freedom Fest from October 8th-10th!

Greeley, PA: Kahr Firearms Group is proud to host this year’s “Rod of Iron Freedom Festival”, at the Greeley, PA, Kahr Headquarters facility. From October 8-10, an all-star list of over 30 patriot celebrities and shooting experts will be in attendance, including Nikki Goeser, John Lott, Teddy Daniels, Sean Moon, Richard Mack, Dana Loesch, Mark […]

Kahr Firearms Group Introduces New Websites!

(Greeley, PA) Kahr Firearms Group in partnership with Beyond the Brand Media, has introduced new, updated websites and contents for all of the brand family. Beyond the Brand Media is located in Goffstown, New Hampshire. Beginning in 2017, the firm has been the web developer for Kahr Firearms Group, designing the pages for Kahr, Magnum […]

Tactical-Life | Danyela D’Angelo: The Teen Gunslinger Taking Over the Shooting World

Danyela D’Angelo: Shooting Star In the golden age of gun magazines, writers were the original social influencers. Someone with Skeeter Skelton’s or Elmer Keith’s clout could doom a new gun’s future with a simple, critical paragraph. But these are different times, Jordan, Askins, Cooper as well as Skelton and Keith are all gone now. While […]