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Warriors & Sheepdogs | KAHR P9 GOOD FOR LOW LIGHT COMBAT

Author: Lt. Clint Thompson Ret.


I have shot and wrote about KAHR firearms for sometime now. Because of their design and engineering, I believe they have one of the best lineups of single stack semi-auto pistols in the World. For home defense, personal protection, backpacking, truck-gun, Harley rider’s gun and general all-around dirt-nap lead-pill dispenser, the KAHR P9093NA semi-auto pistols is the gun for you.

Now I know many of us love our own personal brand of firearm. For me I love the old Colts and Smith and Wesson’s. Being a history buff, I guess the older revolvers and some autos just appeal to me. I call these my “grin and giggle” guns. I take them out of the safe, wipe them down and grin and giggle. Once in a while I take them to the woods to clear their throats out. Again, much grins and giggles.

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