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TheFireArmGuy | FIRST LOOK: Kahr PM9 “Covert”

Kahr Arms produces some of the smallest and lightest handguns in the industry. They are very well built with high-end components that endures incredible longevity. Last year, I reviewed an eight year old Kahr PM9 that had over 40 thousand rounds through it. The owner changed out a couple springs throughout the years and that little pistol is still going strong. I have high confidence in Kahr pistols. I have chosen to carry a Kahr handgun (although many different Kahr models) for several years.

Just recently, Kahr Arms released their new Kahr PM9 Covert. The “Covert” model uses the same upper slide and barrel of the Kahr PM9 but extends the grip to fit a seven round magazine. That’s a “plus one” round compared to the standard PM9 six round magazine. Most beneficial, the PM9 Covert allows for three finger contact on the grip for more control when shooting.

The Kahr PM9 Covert is a cross between the Kahr PM9 and the slightly larger Kahr P9. Being that the upper slide assembly is a PM9 and the grip length is the same as a P9 (and CW9), the Kahr PM9 Covert is like the offspring of those two models. Other PM9 Covert benefits include TruGlo night sights and a forend rail for accessories. Combined, the Kahr PM9 is an excellent concealed carry handgun.

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