13 December 2011 / Published in Product Reviews
The first 9mm handgun that I ever owned was the S&W Model 39. I carried that gun on-duty as a private investigator for a long time. I had a lot of confidence in that gun. And, back then, it was considered a real light-weight pistol at around 28 ounces, and it held 8+1 rounds of
04 September 2011 / Published in Product Reviews
High quality, low cost. This is a realistic pocket gun. It was not long ago that most people who carried guns for a living shunned the 9mm. However, modern ammunition and bullet design have changed the minds of many, and now the 9mm has resurged as a popular self-defense round. Just as well, demand is
13 June 2011 / Published in Product Reviews
Kahr Arms came on the scene in 1995 with their innovative 9mm K9 pistol, when designer Justin Moon felt that the existing crop of semiauto pistols was not especially well suited for concealed carry and set out to build a better one. A little more than a decade and a half later, Kahr offers the
25 February 2011 / Published in Product Reviews
  Making a gun cheaper doesn’t always add up to making a cheap gun. That is the point of the new Kahr CM9. Modeled after their extremely popular but pricey PM9, the $569 MSRP clone CM9 has exactly the same external specifications, the same magazine capacity and is the same weight as it’s more expensive
04 January 2011 / Published in Product Reviews
The Complete Book of Handguns 2011, p. 48 – 53 By Massad Ayoob I’ve followed Kahr Arms since the long-ago time when founder Justin Moon first appeared on the scene with a cool little 9mm pistol. One thing I’ve learned over those years is that while many companies respond to end-user feedback on a customer
04 January 2011 / Published in Product Reviews
While the newer .380s are a delight to carry, most shooters are familiar with the adage: “Never take a knife to a gunfight.” The .380 is a step up from a knife—but not a huge step. Carrying a .380 or even a .25 ACP pistol can be comforting. However, if you’re still concerned about protecting

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