Kahr Arms Celebrates 25th Anniversary

(Greeley, PA) – Kahr Firearms Group, a leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is pleased to celebrate its 25th Anniversary this year.

Kahr Arms officially changed the concealed carry handgun game twenty-five years ago when it introduced the first Kahr Arms pistol. Designed by Kahr Arms President and CEO Justin Moon, the Kahr K9 offered a solution to the void in the industry for a compact handgun that was comfortable to shoot, easy to conceal, and full of innovative features.

Justin Moon recognized the need for such a handgun as an 18-year old college student with a passion for firearms. He began shooting at the age of 14 as a hobby he shared with his older brother. His interest in firearms continued to grow from that point on. Moon spent the last part of his college career at Harvard designing the mechanical layout for his pistol idea and prototyping design concepts. Soon after, the K9 pistol was introduced and the Kahr Arms legacy of creating the ultimate line of compact pistols was born.

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