THE P45 IS SWEET, LIGHT, CARRYABLE AND SHOOTABLE GUNS MAGAZINE, June 2006 By Massad Ayoob, Photos: Ichiro Nagata Mas felt the slide release could have been “carry melted” for greater comfort. Since Kahr’s inception more than a decade ago, shooters have been asking for a .45 ACP. Well, the pistol is here. For fans of […]

Kahr Arms P45 Pistol

Kahr’s newest model offers .45 ACP power in a lightweight, compact package. POLICE, June 2006, p. 58, 60, 62 – 63 By Mike Detty Kahr’s new P45 (.45 ACP) offers a lot of power in a compact pistol. It’s designed for concealed and off-duty carry. The P45 is easy to disassemble and even easier to […]