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Kahr® Firearms Group Enjoying Their Bear Family Neighbors

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Greeley, PA – In 2014, when Kahr Firearms Group purchased their 620-acre parcel of land for the new corporate headquarters, they knew that some of their new “neighbors” in the wooded acreage would be home to various species of wildlife. Much to their delight, a sow bear and her cubs would find all the comforts of home less than 400 yards from the corporate building.

For the third year since Kahr Firearms Group acquired the land, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has come out to check the vitals on the sow that they actually collared in 2006.

Last year, we reported that the sow was healthy and that she had given birth to 4 cubs. Sadly, those 4 cubs did not live, so this year, mama bear gave birth to two adorable cubs, now weighing in at 5 lbs.

Upon receiving permission from Kahr Firearms Group to enter the property and check on the status of the bears, the sow was located using a tracking device and was then darted with a sedative. While the Pennsylvania Game Commission officer collected blood, hair and vitals on the sow, the officer handed over the two cubs to Kahr personnel in order to keep them warm while outside of the den and away from their mom.

“Everyone loves a good bear story, and at Kahr, we feel like these bears add so much interest to this beautiful piece of property where we go to work every day” said Frank Harris, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Every year, a small group of us gather around the Pennsylvania Game Commission officer eager to once again see how our bear neighbor is doing and what offspring she gave birth to over the winter. Sadly, the two previous years she had lost her cubs due to her ailing health and also natural predators, but we were thrilled to see two more this year. We respect the animals of this forest and are so grateful that in spite of our busy office this has not disturbed her and she has decided to stay for the duration.”

The new Kahr Firearms Group corporate headquarters was finished in 2015 and the office in Pomona, NY was closed.