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Kahr Firearms Group Continues to Support The Tactical Games

(Greeley, PA) – Kahr Firearms Group, a leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to announce its continued support and sponsorship of The Tactical Games.

The Tactical Games is a series of competitive events for tactical athletes pushing physical and mental strength. Events consist of two days of extreme competition among top level physical competitors with unique tactical skill sets. The Tactical Games is designed to test tactical athletes throughout the continuum of combat related tasks, while under time constraints and physical duress. Even the best shooters are challenged by combining grueling physical challenges with precision marksmanship. To compete and win at the Tactical Games will require the fitness level of a professional athlete, with the tactical and technical skills of the best tactical operatives in the world. Competitors will be required to use critical thinking, move fast over distance, carry heavy weights, and utilize bursts of strength and energy and shoot accurately.

Kahr Firearms Group has been a sponsor of The Tactical Games since it’s inception in 2018. Two regional events were held the first year, and they were able to expand to six events in 2019. Kahr Firearms Group has continued its support and witnessed firsthand how the competition has grown from 32 competitors to selling out events at 150 competitors. In 2019, The Tactical Games added a Master’s division for athletes 45 and up. The intermediate division is quickly becoming one of the most popular as these events continue to get athletes off the couch and out to the range and gym.

Since 2018, Kahr Firearms Group has sponsored six shooters across all divisions in The Tactical Games. Several of the shooters are members of the Mobile Police Department in Alabama. Jen Chisholm has been a sponsored shooter since 2018, and has reached the podium at all events she competed in. John “TIG” Tiegen has been a KFG sponsored shooter since the North Carolina event in held in October 2018.

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