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American Military News | Op-Ed: Five reasons the Kahr PM9 is excellent


The Kahr PM9 is a small and lightweight semi-auto polymer-frame pistol that many shooters choose to carry daily. It would be hard to find a handgun of this quality and size in the sub-compact 9mm class. When compared to other single stack 9mm handguns, the Kahr PM9 is by far the easiest for deep concealment. Whether it is holstered on the hip, carried in the pocket or an ankle holster, the Kahr PM9 conceals so well.

I have been a fan of Kahr handguns for years and owned several of the Kahr pistols, so it’s fair to say that I know Kahr handguns inside and out. Shooting and carrying Kahr handguns is what I have done for years. There are few Kahr models from their vast line of pistols that I have not owned. I have experienced just about every model from the micro-sized Kahr CW380 to the larger .45 ACP models.

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