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American Military News | A review of the Kahr ST9 ‘Tig’ model

American Military News
The Kahr ST9 is part of the John Tiegen “Tig” series of firearms, in which a portion of the proceeds go to Beyond The Battlefield which assists soldiers integrate back into American society.
JUNE 19, 2018 


Both the Kahr S9 and ST9 offer additional features without bumping up the prices of the pistols. The Kahr “S” series handguns have fore-end pictinny rail, three-dot sights as opposed to the common bar-dot sights on many Kahr models, front slide serrations, nicer slide engraving; they moved the serial tag from the dust cover to the grip, and they ship with two magazines. They also fall under the Kahr “value series,” which means they can be easily purchased in the mid $300s.

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