Upping the Ante

At long last, Kahr bumps up the bore size on its handy semiauto to .45 ACP. Guns & Ammo Annual 2007, p. 70 – 71 By Stan Trzoneic It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when anyone decides to market a new handgun or make an addition to the line, the .45 […]

Big Little Gun or Little Big Gun?

Working within a basic template, Kahr has managed to keep its pistol line efficient, effective—and interesting. Guns & Ammo Annual 2007, p. 68 – 71 By Payton Miller Since its inception in 1993, Kahr Arms has established an enviable reputation as a maker of accurate, reliable and extremely well-made striker-fired double-action-only autos. The niche they […]

Kahr Arms K9 9mm

An optimal carry pistol that’s small, light, flat, accurate—what’s there not to like? Handguns 2007 Buyer’s Guide, p. 4 – 7 By Matt Berger Kahr K9 9mm, backed up by the MOD Mk II tactical folder and Rick Hinderer Modular Kubaton – a concealed carry package that’s tough to beat! The author in the middle […]

C&S Custom Kahr

AMERICAN COP, Jan./Feb. 2007, p.55 – 57, 64, 66 By Rob Garrett The debate on what makes a great backup or off-duty carry gun has gone on for years. It has to be small but not too small. It should be lightweight but still controllable. It must be easy to shoot, allowing you to make […]