KAHR Perfect Pocket Pistols

Four different models-PM9, P9, CW9, T9-carried and shot! Concealed Carry Handguns 2006, p.46-51 By Walt Rauch Kahr Arms PM9, P9 and T9, front to rear. Kahr now uses a lower-profile slide stop (top), compared to the original (bottom). Tritium sights are a nice optional choice and fit the dovetail cuts in the P9 slide (left), […]

New Kahr CW9

A concealable sure-shooting mini-9 that won’t bust a budget! Complete Book of Handguns 2006, p.16-19 The Kahr CW9 has a simple, clean, familiar silh ouette. IDPA Stock Service Pistol Master Steve Sager takes the economy Kahr for a test drive. Recoil proved soft, and recovery quick, even with +P ammo. The CW9 was tested with […]

New Kahr CW9 9mm

Proven performance at a price that can’t be beat! Handguns 2006 Buyer’s Guide, p.4-9 By Mike Detty Kahr’s new CW9 is a pleasure to shoot and very controllable. Priced 20% cheaper than the P9 pistol, the CW9 will be within reach of some that previously could not afford a Kahr. Fobus paddle holster is an […]