Tuesday, 04 January 2011 / Published in Product Reviews
While the newer .380s are a delight to carry, most shooters are familiar with the adage: “Never take a knife to a gunfight.” The .380 is a step up from a knife—but not a huge step. Carrying a .380 or even a .25 ACP pistol can be comforting. However, if you’re still concerned about protecting
Saturday, 04 September 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
On Target, September/October 2009, p. 52 – 55 By Massad Ayoob BATTLEFIELD .45 ACP FIREPOWER IN A LIGHT, MODERN, SUB-COMPACT, DOUBLE-ACTION-ONLY CARRY GUN … ALL FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. FOR WELL OVER A DECADE, Kahr Arms has been a strong force in the concealed-carry handgun market. Slim in profile due to single-stack magazines and some
Sunday, 04 July 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
Lightweight and good stopping power has arrived in the Kahr PM9. While it is the same basic pistol as the earlier all-steel K9, the PM9 is better suited for comfortable pocket carry as it is 40-precent lighter and 1/2” shorter, and the grip frame is 1/4” slimmer, and 1/2” shorter. To arrive at the much
Tuesday, 04 May 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
In a defensive pistol we want sights we can see, a useable trigger, utter reliability and a snag-free exterior, all housed in a handy package. SWAT Magazine, May 2010, p. 74 – 77 By Tom Russell | Photo by Haley Russell Russell puts Kahr PM45 through its paces. A pistol possessing these traits, along with
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
Kahr Arms has managed to do something few other firearms manufacturers have: they started with a winning design. In just over a decade, their formula—single-stack, double-action-only semi-autos intended for concealed carry—has varied only in terms of size, materials, and caliber. Since the initial introduction of the 9mm K9, Kahr’s line has expanded to include pistols
Thursday, 04 February 2010 / Published in Product Reviews
Shooting Times, February 2010, p. 64 – 65 By J. Guthrie The proliferation of diminutive, high-quality .380 Auto pistols and new high-performance ammunition to match is a great thing for those who wish to go armed all of the time. Little pistols like the Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT, and Kahr P380 are easy to carry

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