04 March 2014 / Published in Product Reviews
Beauty and the Beast
02 August 2013 / Published in Product Reviews
Way back in January 2009 I posted my first review of the Kahr CW4543 compact .45ACP pistol.  I was – and continue to be – duly impressed with the weapon and this report/review is the result of having reached the milestone of firing 5,000 rounds through it.  Just seven months ago I did a “past
25 July 2013 / Published in Product Reviews
While the debate between 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP will rage for decades to come, Kahr Arms has worked hard to produce some of the best semi-autos for concealment in each of those chamberings. The company’s mini .45s are top-notch, and the CW45 is no exception. In the upcoming November 2013 issue of Combat Handguns,
13 May 2013 / Published in Product Reviews
It was just a bit over four years ago that I reviewed the Kahr P380 pocket pistol. At that time it was one of the best choices in a lightweight, compact 380 ACP carry gun. Today, the P380 is as good as it ever was, and is a dandy little pistol, but in my opinion, the
01 April 2013 / Published in Product Reviews
For some, concealed carry (or off-duty carry) denigrates into a game of “what is the smallest handgun I can carry and still consider myself armed?” And I get it, really. Despite Clint Smith’s famous saying about handguns being comforting not comfortable, they can still be a pain for many to fit into their life/clothing styles.
21 March 2013 / Published in Product Reviews
When I was in England during an exchange program with the Royal Air Force, I received my very first pistol, a gift from an RAF officer. It was a 6.35mm (.25 ACP) Walther Model 8 that had previously been the personal-defense weapon of a Luftwaffe bomber pilot who had lost a fight with a Hurricane

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