04 January 2007 / Published in Product Reviews
AMERICAN COP, Jan./Feb. 2007, p.55 – 57, 64, 66 By Rob Garrett The debate on what makes a great backup or off-duty carry gun has gone on for years. It has to be small but not too small. It should be lightweight but still controllable. It must be easy to shoot, allowing you to make
04 December 2006 / Published in Product Reviews
Woman’s Outlook, Dec. 2006, p. 28 – 29, 63 By Gila Hayes The Kahr P45 delivers a big .45-caliber cartridge with surprisingly low recoil. In 11 short years, handgun manufacturer Kahr Arms has grown to a well-established firm listing 17 models of pistols on its website. Until recently, Kahr Arms handguns were chambered only in
04 July 2006 / Published in Product Reviews
Kahr goes bigbore as it continues to expand its line of compact autos. HANDGUNS, June/July 2006 By Frank W. James The Kahr P45 from Kahr Arms is a revelation because it is able to combine the conflicting design requirements of a small-size pistol together with a bigbore self-defense caliber in a clean package. Speer Lawman
04 June 2006 / Published in Product Reviews
THE P45 IS SWEET, LIGHT, CARRYABLE AND SHOOTABLE GUNS MAGAZINE, June 2006 By Massad Ayoob, Photos: Ichiro Nagata Mas felt the slide release could have been “carry melted” for greater comfort. Since Kahr’s inception more than a decade ago, shooters have been asking for a .45 ACP. Well, the pistol is here. For fans of
04 June 2006 / Published in Product Reviews
Kahr’s newest model offers .45 ACP power in a lightweight, compact package. POLICE, June 2006, p. 58, 60, 62 – 63 By Mike Detty Kahr’s new P45 (.45 ACP) offers a lot of power in a compact pistol. It’s designed for concealed and off-duty carry. The P45 is easy to disassemble and even easier to
04 March 2006 / Published in Product Reviews
Concealed Carry Magazine, February/March, 2006, p. 20 – 22 By George Hill Many readers have e-mailed me many times requesting a review of a Kahr pistol. Without further ado or delay, here is your review. When Concealed Carry Magazine contacted Kahr Arms, they were most agreeable to send us a pistol for testing. After a

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