04 May 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
GUNS MAGAZINE, May 2008, p. 38 – 41 By Massad Ayoob New shooter Toni Greenberg gets the feel of the Kahr .45’s trigger during dry fire practice as instructor Herman Gunter, III looks on. The TP45 was accuracy tested with high-quality ammo in the three most common .45 ACP bullet weights. Ayoob test fires the
04 February 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
On Target, February/March, 2008, p. 30 – 31 By Massad Ayoob Our PM45 was equipped with Novak night sights. FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR, Steve Denney, firing on the dark side of dusk, still makes the little steel plates dance in half-spins on the dueling tree. “I’m impressed,” he says, lowering a pistol that has gone to slide-lock
04 January 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
Steel or plastic — MK9 or PM9 — concealed carry perfection! Complete Book of Handguns 2008, p. 44 – 49 By Massad Ayoob The PM9 was tested with matte black stainless top on matching polymer frame (top), while MK9 sample was from the polished Elite series (bottom). The MK9 (silver colored, top) slightly out-shot the
04 January 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
NAA Guardian .380ACP and Kahr PM9 9mm — best bet backup guns!! GUN TEST | Handguns 2008 Buyer’s Guide, p. 34 – 39 By D.K. Pridgen Pocket power allows the discreet carry of effective handguns. I believe Massad Ayoob has been credited with the advice “friends don’t let friends carry mouse guns.” Under most circumstances,
04 January 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
Best ever lightweight carry gun for double-duty defense! GUN TEST | Complete Book of Autopistols 2008, p. 40 – 44 By Paul Markel The CW9 9mm from Kahr is a compact, lightweight pistol for personal defense. The author testing the Kahr CW9 DAO pistol. “It was one of the scariest moments of my life,” a
04 September 2007 / Published in Product Reviews
The $711 aluminum-frame Smith & Wesson Model 457 has been in the catalog since 1996, but we preferred it over two newer polymer guns, the $697 Kahr TP4543 and the $620 Glock G36. Gun Tests , September 2007, p. 18 – 22 Our trio of non-1911 single stack .45s were (clockwise from upper left) the

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