04 November 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
On Target, October/November 2008, p. 48 – 53 By Massad Ayoob Kahr Arms has made its pistols in both plain and fancy flavors for some time now. I have a Kahr Elite from 1998-in the compact all-stainless steel MK9 series—that looks sharp, shoots tight, and never malfunctions. For 2008, the company apparently feels it has been
04 August 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
Tactical Response, July/August 2008, p. 131 – 134 By Steve Tracy A lightweight backup gun in an ankle holster. Kahr Arms entered the firearms industry with a single purpose. Its goal was to make the best off-duty / backup / concealed carry pistol available in a major caliber. Founder and CEO Justin Moon’s K9 series
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The author rounded up four good candidates for a pocket 9mm defensive gun and put them through an extensive shooting test to see which one distinguished itself. Here are all the results. Shooting Times, August 2008, p. 56 – 61 By Greg Rodriguez GalleryofGuns.com See photos and specifications of the guns mentioned in this article
04 June 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
On Target, June/July 2008, p. 36 By Massad Ayoob I’ve liked Kahr’s slim, sweet, little double-action-only defensive pistols since I laid hands on the first one—the all-steel K9 9mm—at a SHOT Show in the mid 1990s. I started really liking them once I began shooting them seriously and experienced their accuracy and reliability. Kahr Arms
28 May 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
Carrying concealed doesn’t mean you have to settle for a kinder, gentler cartridge—not if you go thin with Kahr’s PM45. Shooting Illustrated, May 2008, p. 34 – 39, 77 By Duane A. Daiker Left: At just about an inch, the Kahr PM45 has a waistline most .45 ACP pistols would die for. It’s critical your
04 May 2008 / Published in Product Reviews
GUNS MAGAZINE, May 2008, p. 38 – 41 By Massad Ayoob New shooter Toni Greenberg gets the feel of the Kahr .45’s trigger during dry fire practice as instructor Herman Gunter, III looks on. The TP45 was accuracy tested with high-quality ammo in the three most common .45 ACP bullet weights. Ayoob test fires the

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