04 July 2007 / Published in Product Reviews
Fast, flat, concealable–one of the best OFF-DUTY PISTOLS yet! Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement, July 2007, p. 56 – 61 By Rich Grassi Kahr TP45 is a 7-shot, 23 ounce .45 ACP. 1) The Kahr TP45 was tested for accuracy with the four loads shown. 2) Except for the vertical stringing in this effort,
04 June 2007 / Published in Product Reviews
They look anorexic next to their swollen big brothers, but don’t let the size fool you. When the chips are down, they can muster a lot of muscle. Shooting Illustrated, June 2007, p.32 – 37 By Dick Williams Pocket handguns are not a new concept. Even in the cap-and-ball are there were small revolvers designated
04 March 2007 / Published in Product Reviews
More economical, but still completely reliable with dead-on accuracy! Combat Handguns, March 2007, p. 26 – 30 By William Bell New from Kahr Arms is the CW40 a light, compact 6+1 capacity pistol in .40 S&W that goes for about 20% less than the price of most of Kahr’s other handguns. Putting the CW40 through
04 January 2007 / Published in Product Reviews
At long last, Kahr bumps up the bore size on its handy semiauto to .45 ACP. Guns & Ammo Annual 2007, p. 70 – 71 By Stan Trzoneic It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when anyone decides to market a new handgun or make an addition to the line, the .45
04 January 2007 / Published in Product Reviews
Working within a basic template, Kahr has managed to keep its pistol line efficient, effective—and interesting. Guns & Ammo Annual 2007, p. 68 – 71 By Payton Miller Since its inception in 1993, Kahr Arms has established an enviable reputation as a maker of accurate, reliable and extremely well-made striker-fired double-action-only autos. The niche they
04 January 2007 / Published in Product Reviews
An optimal carry pistol that’s small, light, flat, accurate—what’s there not to like? Handguns 2007 Buyer’s Guide, p. 4 – 7 By Matt Berger Kahr K9 9mm, backed up by the MOD Mk II tactical folder and Rick Hinderer Modular Kubaton – a concealed carry package that’s tough to beat! The author in the middle

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