Kahr Shooting Challenge: Win a Free Kahr P9-2 Pistol!

Greeley, PA: Kahr Arms is challenging shooters to take on the Air Marshal Qualification Course
with a Kahr pistol! The first 50 people to successfully complete the course and submit a video of
their performance will win a Kahr P9-2 pistol. The Air Marshal Qualification Course is a
challenging test of marksmanship and shooting skills. It consists of seven stages, each with its
own set of targets and requirements. To pass the course, shooters must hit all targets within the
scoring zone and meet the par times for each stage. “We’re excited to offer this challenge to
our customers,” said Justin Moon, CEO of Kahr Arms. “We want to see how well people can
shoot our pistols under pressure. We’re also giving away a free Kahr P9-2 pistol, so there’s a lot
to be excited about!”

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