03 January 2011 / Published in Company News
January 3, 2011 | KP38233 | .380 ACP | CA APPROVED Kahr Arms is proud to announce that it has a new California-legal model of the popular P380, the most accurate pocket pistol of its caliber. The KP38233 will have two additional features, not present on the original P380, that allow it to be bought, sold
09 June 2010 / Published in Company News
PEARL RIVER, NY – Kahr Arms, the well known American based producer of high quality compact pistols has announced its recent purchase of Minnesota-based firearms manufacturer, Magnum Research, maker of the Desert Eagle pistol. Kahr Arms takes pride in its ability to offer customers a selection of unique niche-type firearms, such as the world famous “Tommy
14 May 2010 / Published in Company News
01 May 2010 / Published in Company News
This PM9/PM40 comes with the Crimson Trace® Laserguard (LG-437). The Laserguard design is the most compact, instinctively activated, user-adjustable laser sighting system on the market today. The Model LG-437 uses either two #357 silver oxide batteries or a single 1/3N 3 volt lithium battery. These small batteries allow the Laserguard to be unobtrusive yet powerful
19 January 2010 / Published in Company News
01 January 2010 / Published in Company News
Kahr Arms is selling the PM9 model in Massachusetts. This pistol is on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts EOPS Approved Firearms Roster and now incorporates all MA compliant features. The Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General has reviewed the pistol and, as presented to them, “has no reason to believe that this