06 January 2014 / Published in Company News
Pomona, NY – Kahr Firearms Group is proud to introduce the Kahr Spyderco Delica4, a distinctive variation of one of Spyderco’s most popular folding knives available exclusively through Kahr. Created by self-defense authority Michael Janich, the Kahr signature Delica4 offers Kahr its own unique design by combining a full-length handle with a compact 2.5″ blade. The
02 December 2013 / Published in Company News
Pearl River, NY – Kahr introduces their new full-frame CT40 and CT45. The first value-priced full frame firearm offering from Kahr. For decades, Kahr has offered gun enthusiasts the option of both compact and full-frame firearms. Their popular TP9, TP40 and TP45 have become legendary, but as the economy continues to take a hit, the demand
18 November 2013 / Published in Company News
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12 November 2013 / Published in Company News
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01 October 2013 / Published in Company News
Bare-hands to Handguns, Part 1: Myth vs. Reality By John Perkins, former Yonkers NY detective, forensic crime scene expert and Guided Chaos creator; and Ari Kandel, Guided Chaos 4th degree A Revelation? In 2012, the FBI radically modified its firearms training program. A review of nearly 200 agent-involved shootings during a 17-year period had found
07 September 2013 / Published in Company News
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