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Polish Package Deluxe (CS ITEM)

The polish package is a full polish of feed ramps, slide stop lever, and barrel hood. The Contains all attributes of poish package but includes polishing of stainless steel slide. The polish package improves the comfort and cosmetics of your Kahr pistol. Please ship the firearm overnight to the factory and include a copy of your order.

$130.00 plus $25.00 S&H.

                                                               Attn: Service
                                                                                130 Goddard Memorial Dr.
                                                                                  Worcester, MA 01603

Note: Services are only for firearms made by Kahr Arms and Auto Ordnance (Worcester, MA). Other non-warranty service will be billed at $65/hour + cost of parts + $25 S&H. There is a minimum $65 charge.  
Qty: $130.00 MSRP: $144.44

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