Kahr Black Oxide Refinish Service, MK (CS ITEM) - Style # CS ITEM, Kahr Shop/ Upgrades & Service

Black Oxide Refinish Service, MK (CS ITEM)

Carbon steel parts only. Re-coating steel parts that originally had a black oxide finish. This service is available for the MK Series slide only. Please ship the slide to the factory with a copy of your order.

$75.00 plus $25.00 S&H

                                                               Attn: Service
                                                                                130 Goddard Memorial Dr.
                                                                                  Worcester, MA 01603

Note: Services are only for firearms made by Kahr Arms and Auto Ordnance (Worcester, MA). Other non-warranty service will be billed at $65/hour + cost of parts + $25 S&H. There is a minimum $65 charge.  
Qty: $75.00 MSRP: $83.33

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