Kahr News 2010

Kahr News 2010

Kahr Arms Purchases Magnum Research

June 9, 2010

PEARL RIVER, NY – Kahr Arms, the well known American based producer of high quality compact pistols has announced its recent purchase of Minnesota-based firearms manufacturer, Magnum Research, maker of the Desert Eagle pistol.

Kahr Arms takes pride in its ability to offer customers a selection of unique niche-type firearms, such as the world famous “Tommy Gun” and Auto-Ordnance line of M1 .30 caliber carbines. The addition of Magnum Research products to the Kahr Arms family will provide Kahr Arms and Auto-Ordnance customers another unique line of firearms to choose from.

Magnum Research® was founded in 1979 and was responsible for the design and the development of the Desert Eagle pistol. The firearms in its current product lineup include the Desert Eagle® (available in .50 AE, .44 Magnum, or .357 Magnum), Baby Desert Eagle® Fast Action Pistol (9mm, .40 S&W), Desert Eagle® 1911, Micro Desert Eagle™ (.380 ACP), Magnum’s BFR (Revolvers in .44 Magnum, .45 LC/.410 or .45/70), Mountain Eagle™ (Rifles in .22/250, .223, .30-06, .280 and 7mm) and Magnum Lite® (Rifles in .22LR, .22WMR or .17 Mach-2).

To learn more about these products and more that will be offered through Kahr Arms, visit www.magnumresearch.com.

Visit www.kahr.com to learn more about Kahr Arms, or contact Monica Arnold -Blue August at monica@blueaugust.com.


NRA Show 2010

May 14-16, 2010 at Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC



Kahr PM9093L/PM4043L

9 mm & .40 S&W

This PM9/PM40 comes with the Crimson Trace® Laserguard (LG-437). The Laserguard design is the most compact, instinctively activated, user-adjustable laser sighting system on the market today.

The Model LG-437 uses either two #357 silver oxide batteries or a single 1/3N 3 volt lithium battery. These small batteries allow the Laserguard to be unobtrusive yet powerful enough to provide the brightness that Crimson Trace® is known for. Another feature of the LG-437 is that it uses the smaller 3.3mm diameter laser diode which reduces the overall size of the laser diode housing. As with all other Crimson Trace® products, the LG-437 has both windage and elevation adjustments for shooters to adjust the laser for a perfect hit at any distance All Laserguards come with an accessory pack that contains batteries, hex wrenches for laser adjustments and several cleaning swabs.

Laserguards are made in the United States of America. Crimson Trace is the world’s only manufacturer of grip-integrated laser sighting systems. Police, all branches of the U.S. Military, and responsible citizens worldwide use patented Crimson Trace® products. 
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SHOT Show 2010

January 19-22, 2010 at Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV



Kahr PM9193

9 mm

Kahr Arms is selling the PM9 model in Massachusetts. This pistol is on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts EOPS Approved Firearms Roster and now incorporates all MA compliant features. The Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General has reviewed the pistol and, as presented to them, “has no reason to believe that this Office would have any specific concern that sales of this firearm would violate the Attorney General’s regulations.”

MA Compliant PM9 Features

Loaded Chamber Indicator
This model is designed to provide physical indication if there is a bullet loaded in the chamber. The product is designed with a lever mounted on the top of slide. The lever is marked as Indicator in red lettering. When a bullet is chambered it pushes the lever upward and out of position. The operator will visually see the lever as it is raised up. Also the operator will be able to feel the indicator as being out of its normal resting position as it will not be flush with the top of the slide, thus warning the operator that the firearm is loaded.

External Safety
This model has, in addition to the internal safety, an external safety that will prevent the firearm from firing when the safety is in safe position. The product has an external lever with two settings. When the lever is pushed up the red dot is visible; the firearm is in the armed position and ready to fire with the pull of the trigger. When the lever is pushed down, the red dot is hidden and the firearm is in safe position and will not function with the pull of the trigger. The safety works in the following sequence. When the lever is in down (Safe) position the connecting cam on the lever pushes the trigger bar out of position thus disconnecting it from the cocking cam. Thus, even when the trigger is pulled, there is no contact between the trigger bar and the cocking cam and thus there is no fire. When the lever is pushed up (fire/armed position) the cam moves out of place and the trigger bar moves up, again connecting with the cocking cam and ready to fire with the pull of the trigger. 
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