Kahr Magazine

Kahr Magazine

The Kahr magazine tube is constructed of corrosive resistant 400 series Stainless Steel and heat treated to 50 Rockwell for durability. Plasma-welding the stamping to form the magazine tube gives a smooth interior surface for the “ammunition stack” to rise and feed, and creates an “unbreakable” seam. Furthermore, tumbling the magazine in the finishing process provides a smooth, consistent burr-free surface. There are no sharp edges on which to cut yourself.

Another feature, unique to Kahr magazines, is the steel slide stop pin contact insert in the magazine follower. This innovative insert assures that the follower will reliably engage the slide stop lever and lock the slide, magazine after magazine. With this feature, you do not have to be concerned with the inevitable wear that accompanies most plastic followers.

Kahr quality, unmatched at any price.

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