Extensive Testing

Extensive Testing

Quality is never compromised in either the assembly or testing of a Kahr. Every Kahr pistol is made in accordance with the strictest international manufacturing standards, and is individually tested at the adjoining firing range.

The development of the Kahr handgun involved numerous testing sessions during which 10,000 rounds of ammunition were fired through a single Kahr pistol. Each Kahr model has been extensively tested to assure the reliability, function, accuracy and safety of each component and of the final product. Any change in design has been rigorously tested to ensure absolute functioning.

As a result of this exhaustive testing, Kahr has produced the most reliable compact firearm in the world today. We, at Kahr, have total confidence in the durability and long-term reliability of our Kahr pistols.

Kahr quality, unmatched at any price.

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