Kahr Versahub Bedside Mount (ACCVCHUB) - Style # ACCVCHUB, Kahr Shop/ Case & Tools

Versahub Bedside Mount (ACCVCHUB)

The Versahub™ is a new innovative bedside mounting system that is specially designed to work with the Versacarry® and Versacarrier™. The Versahub™ offers quick, effective access to your firearm and spare magazine.

Versacarry® Zero-Bulk holster and Versacarrier™ Magazine Carrier sold separately.

Qty: $39.99

The Versahub™ is a new and innovative bedside mounting system! The system is specially designed to work as a mount for the Versacarry®, and Versacarrier™ (sold separately). The Versahub™ offers quick, effective access to your firearm, and spare magazine.

Slips in between the mattress and the box spring. The anti-slip hexagon design prevents the Versahub™ from sliding. Just unclip your Versacarry® and Versacarrier™ from your belt and attach them to the Versahub™. Holds pistol beside bed for rapid access.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Great for quick access
  • Easy on/off design
  • Works with most lasers/lights
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Works in any position
  • Anti-slip hexagon design


Product Specifications

How to use a Versahub™ Bedside Mounting System

Step 1:

Insert the Versahub™ at least halfway in between the mattress and box spring.

Step 2:

Once the Versahub™ is inserted into the bed, insert your Versacarry® and Versacarrier™ into the appropriate slots.

Step 3:

Once the Versacarry® and Versacarrier™ have been inserted into the correct slots, push the Versahub™ bedside mounting system the rest of the way in between the mattress and box spring.