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Kahr Model Legend

TP: Polymer Frame, 3.965"~4.04" Barrel
KP: Polymer Frame, 3.54"~3.6" Barrel, 2.53" Barrel (.380 ACP Models)
PM: Polymer Frame, 3.1"~3.24" Barrel
KT: Steel Frame, 3.965"~4.0" Barrel
K: Steel Frame, 3.465"~3.5" Barrel
M: Steel Frame, 3.0"~3.1" Barrel
CT: Concealed Weapon, Polymer Frame, 3.965"~4.04" Barrel, 3.0" Barrel (.380 ACP Models)
S: Polymer Frame, 4.0"~3.6" Barrel (9mm Models)
CW: Concealed Weapon, Polymer Frame, 3.565"~3.64" Barrel, 2.58" Barrel (.380 ACP Models)
CM: Concealed Weapon, Polymer Frame, 3.0"~3.24" Barrel

1st Three Numbers
454: .45 ACP
414: .40 S&W (with External Safety & LCI)
404: .40 S&W
919: 9mm (with External Safety & LCI)
909: 9mm
383: .380 ACP
3823: .380 ACP (with LCI)
4th Number
0: Carbon Steel, Black Oxide*
1: Carbon Steel, Nickel Finish*
2: Carbon Steel, Black T Finish*
3: Matte Stainless Steel
4: Blackened Stainless Steel
6: Polished Stainless Steel, Elite98*
8: Polished Stainless Steel, Elite2003
* Discontinued

Letters at end
L: Crimson Trace® Laser Sight
N: Tritium Night Sights
RD: Leupold® DeltaPoint™ red-dot rear sight
BB: Burnt Bronze Cerakote® stainless slide
BCF: Polymer frame with black carbon fiber print
CB: Armor Black Cerakote® stainless slide
CG: Gold Cerakote® stainless slide
TU: Tungsten Cerakote® stainless slide
TU3: Tungsten Cerakote® stainless slide with white 3-dot sights
KRT: Polymer frame with Kryptek® Camo print, Armor Black Cerakote® stainless slide with white 3-dot sights